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SEO means doing the work to rank on Google. Ranking in Google equals targeted traffic coming to your site month after month. If you do SEO right, you can get new business sustainably over an extended period of time.

Content Creation

Whether it's a blog post, a proposal, a white paper, an infographic or a blog post, we have you covered. DMCL Marketing has a pool of experienced content creators that are obsessed with quality. If you're just looking for someone to churn out articles, we're not the company for you.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is versatile. It can be used for nurturing, or for engagement. It can be used to sell directly or promote special offers. Advances in email marketing tools allow us to automate some of the work to offer a level of service that just wasn't possible before.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is win-win. Basically, you pay people to promote your products, but you only pay out in the event of a sale. If you do affiliate marketing right, you can't lose.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has information about every part of our lives. We can use this information to create ads to retarget people who have already been on your site, or those similar to them.

Strategic Marketing

We've all been told we should be on social media, we should be ranking in Google, we should be blogging, we should be doing email marketing. Let's take a step back to make a plan instead of chasing the latest marketing fad.

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